Differences between calipers Mitutoyo

Along with micrometer, meter, … the calipers are also an indispensable measuring device in the field of mechanics. It supports the users to check the status of the mechanical equipment they own after a period of use, or the parts are processed to ensure their accuracy. Calipers are divided into three main types: mechanical calipers, digital calipers, clock calipers. In today’s article, I would like to introduce to you the most prominent calipers from the Mitutoyo brand. As a brand with more than 50 years of experience, Mitutoyo products have the highest precision and trust of consumers, including models of mechanical calipers, digital calipers, and vernier calipers.

The calipers from the Mitutoyo brand are manufactured on modern Japanese technological lines and meet international standards for quality and safety. It helps users get the most accurate measurement results, bringing the highest efficiency for the user to check and measure. Let’s find out types of calipers Mitutoyo.

The most outstanding caliper models come from the Mitutoyo brand

Mitutoyo has provided the market with a range of calipers of all kinds: mechanical calipers, electronic calipers, and clock calipers. Below, I will introduce you to the most prominent models of calipers. The stable and durable operation, easy to use, reasonable price makes it easy for you to choose the right product.

Mitutoyo mechanical calipers

This product is in the “Model 530” with measuring ranges from 0 – 150mm and 0 -200mm. A standard Vernier caliper made of stainless steel, the Satin Chrome housing reduces glare so users can easily read the measurement results accurately. It is capable of measuring depth with a flat panel depth gauge. In addition to viewing the metric value of the Mitutoyo 530 – 108 calipers, users can also check the metric value under the Metric and Inch systems using the Mitutoyo 530 – 104 and Mitutoyo 530 – 118 calipers.

  • 530 – 104: mechanical caliper 0 – 150mm / 0 -6 “x 0.05mm
  • 530 – 108: mechanical calipers 0 – 200mm x 0.05mm
  • 530 – 118: mechanical caliper 0 – 8 “/ 0-200mm x 0.02mm

Mitutoyo 530 – 104 mechanical calipers are capable of measuring ranges from 0 – 150 mm and have a scale of 0.05mm – 1/128 “and have an accuracy of + 0.05mm / 0.002”. Mitutoyo 530 – 108 and Mitutoyo 530 – 118 mechanical calipers both have a measuring range of 0 – 200mm / 0-8 “and have a scale of 0.05mm and 0.02mm – 0.001″ respectively. Along with that, there is a high precision of Mitutoyo 530 – 108, which is ± 0.05mm, and Mitutoyo 530 – 118 is ± 0.03mm / 0.015”. Users will now be more assured of the accuracy of the measurement results and the durability of the device for long-term stability.

Digital calipers Mitutoyo

Some of the most prominent models of Mitutoyo electronic calipers are 500 – 181 – 30; 500 – 196 – 30; 500 – 197 – 30. Mitutoyo digital calipers are often used mainly in laboratories of various technical schools and industries for high precision measurement.

  • 500 – 181 – 30: electronic calipers 0 – 150mm x 0.01mm
  • 500 – 182 – 30: electronic calipers 0 -200mm x 0.01mm
  • 500 – 196 – 30: electronic caliper 0 -6 ”/ 0 -150mm x 0.01mm
  • 500 – 197 – 30: electronic calipers 0 -8 ”/ 0 -200mm x 0.01mm

These “Model 500” digital calipers allow users to make reliable measurements and provide many benefits in the range of 0 – 150mm or 0 – 200mm. It equipped with AOS (advanced on-site sensor) induction encoder that used for leading waterproof calipers. By using this electromagnetic induction ABS encoder, the calipers can be used regardless of the contamination on the scale during measurement. The detected signal will not be affected by dirt, such as water or oil on the surface. The slider is very smooth and stable. It is supported by the ABS scale (ABSOLUTE), which does not require factory settings after power on, and there is no limit to the response speed. These are very small resolution of 0.01mm with 200mm accuracy: ± 0.02mm /> 200mm: ± 0.03mm (excluding quantization error). The battery life of up to 18,000 hours provides stability during measurement to ensure the best results that bring fast, effective manipulation of measuring details and equipment of the user.

Calipers of watches

With the display of the results through the engraved numeric lines on the dial, as well as the electronic calipers, users can easily observe the measurement results quickly. The most prominent types of Mitutoyo clock calipers are 505 – 732; 505 – 733.

  • 505 – 732: calipers 0 -150mm / 0.01mm
  • 505 – 733: size of the pair of watches 0 – 200mm / 0.01mm

These are calipers with measuring ranges between 0 -150mm and 0-200mm, possessing a gentle sliding mechanism and extremely high shock resistance. The sliding surface has a titanium coating, which contributes to the durability of the product. Various measurements can be performed, such as internal, external, depth, and step measurements. The dial is yellow with large characters to help users check the results to be accurate and simple. It has a division of 0.01mm and 1mm / round with an accuracy of ± 0.02mm for Mitutoyo 505 – 732 and ± 0.03mm for Mitutoyo 505 – 733. Measurement and testing of users in many other industries, which will be simpler than before.

How to distinguish genuine Mitutoyo calipers from other products

  • Calipers’ actual product made of stainless steel, so when holding the product will not leave fingerprints.
  • The measurement lines on the Mitutoyo calipers will imprint on the ruler, and the lines will be evenly and divided.
  • At the bottom of the calipers, there will be a clear bar code symbol that is not blurred like other products.

In conclusion

The above are helpful suggestions to help you choose a Mitutoyo caliper to suit your needs. Hopefully, you will soon find a product like that and perform the most effective and quality measurement.

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