How to handle when the wet-dry shop vacuum is weak

Weak vacuums are one of the common problems when using a wet-dry shop vacuum. Users should pay attention to these issues to handle immediately to ensure the vacuum cleaner works effectively. This is a simple problem because we do not notice a little bit is straightforward to encounter this problem. However, the cause and how to fix this phenomenon is quite easy; let’s find out the necessary information below to know when setting a vacuum cleaner at home.

The weak phenomenon of vacuum cleaner

When we use a wet-dry shop vacuum, usually vacuum cleaners are powerful, every small waste on the floor can be vacuumed. Users can remove the nozzle to check the palm to see the strong suction force. At a time when the vacuum cleaner is not as reliable as it used to be, we need to find a cause for timely treatment. The wet-dry shop vacuum has an anti-jamming mechanism to protect the vacuum motor. However, then the engine has to work at the maximum allowed load, so you need to address this problem soon to ensure the longevity of the motor most lasting.

Causes and how to handle the vacuum cleaner is weak

Weak wet-dry shop vacuums have several reasons. And these are common causes natural to feel quickly at home; users only need to pay a little attention to know immediately. In this article, I will give you the information you need with your vacuum cleaner that is getting weaker.

  • The dust filter (or garbage container) is clogged: This is the part that directly filters the dust after being sucked into the vacuum. Therefore, after only a short time, the garbage will be full and obstructing the suction line leading to weaker suction. At this time, the motor will have to work at a higher load capacity. To handle this problem, users should regularly clean the dust filter or garbage container to ensure that the filter bag is not clogged.
  • Clogged dust filter: This secondary filter is placed behind the filter bag and in front of the suction motor to filter once more. The purpose of them is to avoid dust adhering to the engine, reducing heat dissipation and operating efficiency. Dust filters are longer dirty than filter bags, but we should also regularly check, go out and use a cleaning spray.
  • The suction line is clogged: After reviewing the above parts, and the wet-dry shop vacuum is still weak, we need to check the suction pipe. Why you need to do that because there may be large garbage such as hair, sponges, blocked plastic bags in it. To check, we need to remove each part of the pipe; it is straightforward to check if the pipe is clogged or not.
  • Weak suction motor: This is the part that creates the suction of the machine, the wet-dry shop vacuum motor consists of two parts, the suction chamber, and the electric motor. If all of the above is not true, then we may suspect the suction engine parts. However, this part is rarely broken, only when used with high frequency and long time, it is possible to have problems with the electric motor.

Some notes to ensure the best service life of the vacuum cleaner

In this section, I want you to know some cautions when using the wet-dry shop vacuum to ensure the machine works well and high efficiency.

  • Should regularly clean dust bags, filters to ensure proper airflow. It helps for better suction efficiency while limiting the use of vacuum cleaners continuously because household vacuum cleaners are often defined in the exhaust. The motor heats the brushes resulting in quick wear.
  • Before vacuuming, we should remove large rubbish, especially plastic bags, to limit clogged suction pipes.
  • After the dust filter bag is the motor front filter should also be cleaned regularly so that the suction line is not obstructed. Note that we should not remove the filter because dust will cling to the engine, causing heat.
  • The back of the wet-dry shop vacuum has an air outlet, so when using the vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention not to restrict the exhaust. Many people have the habit of accidentally change the correct position of the vacuum that limits the air outlet resulting in engine overheating and reduced suction.
  • On the body of the suction machine has a suction hole to avoid overload, when operating the spring mechanism will close the suction hole. In contrast, when the suction line is blocked, the suction hole will be opened to prevent motor overload.

In conclusion

Aside from buying your family the best wet dry shop vacuum, it’s essential to learn how to fix common vacuum cleaners. Above is the detailed information on the problem of a weak vacuum cleaner for users to learn more clearly, so that when having problems with household appliances, you can check and repair yourself. Good luck.

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