Mistakes to avoid when using Random Orbital Sander

To get a complete wooden board with a smooth surface from rough, ugly logs, the worker needs to perform a lot of different stages. In particular, the process of rubbing the wood surface plays a key role in the quality of the finished product. Because of this, this stage takes up a lot of time and effort from the workers. As a result, random orbital Sander has created to help workers perform this process faster and with less effort.

In the past, when random orbital Sander was not available, carpenters mainly operated manually. Use sandpaper to rub on the surface of the wood until the required smoothness is reached. This process is extremely time-consuming and laborious because it requires a lot of care and meticulousness. That slows down the entire carpentry manufacturing process. Therefore, random orbital Sander was born to solve this problem, helping workers no longer have to spend time and work for this job. Shorten sanding time to several hours.

However, like other carpentry equipment, this random orbital Sander can fail quickly when you operate it the wrong way. In today’s article, I will point out a few major mistakes that you need to avoid when using this Random Orbital Sander. Are you curious about what they are? I don’t let you wait any longer, let’s start exploring.

Sanding too fast

If you’ve ever used sanding paper or belt sanding machines, these two types require you to work quickly in the sanding process to get the best effect. However, in contrast to these two types of sanding, random orbital Sander requires the user to manipulate or sanding slowly. The ideal speed is about ten to twelve seconds per linear foot and about an inch per second.

Are you surprised at how this machine works? This mechanism has just made plus and minus points of this device. Many people will find it extremely boring and tiresome when the machine is running too slowly. And many people will be very pleased to see the finished product of the wood after a long time to manipulate. The surface of rough and ugly wood initially turned into a wooden surface with a much smoother and more beautiful surface than other sanding machines.

Do not press down on wood

You are more likely to press the device down to the wood surface when operating when using other woodworking tools or tools. However, when using this tool, I think you should quit this habit. Not always putting pressure on the item you want to manipulate will give you the best results.

With this Random Orbital Sander, you just need to operate normally and do not create any pressure at all that will help you get the perfect product as you want. If you press down it, it can damage the engine, slow down the process and damage the quality of your wooden surface.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean dust

Many people do not have the habit of cleaning or vacuuming the board before sanding. That is not a good habit. It is essential to have a vacuum cleaner during the use of Random Orbital Sander. Not only will it help you clean up dirt and debris in your workspace, but it will also improve the sanding operation and work of the random orbital Sander.

Can you imagine, on the surface of the board there is no excess dust and you only need to sand down directly on the wood surface? Of course, your sanding process will be much faster and more efficient, right? So, if you are using a random orbital Sander but have not yet equipped with a vacuum cleaner, you need to buy it now.

Do not tilt your random orbital sander

When you are sanding, you see some ugly traces near where you are sanding. I think you will get in the habit of rubbing a sanding machine and remove that stain, right? Do not make that, your operation may help you remove an instant stain but it will cause the entire process of scrubbing from the beginning you are all broken.

Why? That is extremely understandable. The best Random Orbital Sander is designed in a circular pattern to work evenly on a wooden surface. Therefore, if in the sanding process, you accidentally study the machine, it will ruin that uniformity. In the end, it will make the surface of the board not flat and smooth. Therefore, in the process of using, you must be extremely careful not to tilt the tool.

Always end the process with manual sanding

Although I always say that with a Random  Orbital Sander will help you turn rough and ugly wood into smooth and beautiful. But that is not true. If you want to get the smoothest and flattest wood, you need to use manual sanding to rub it again after you finish working with a Random Orbital Sander.

Do not ask too much for the disc of Random Orbital Sander

That means do not expect the disc always works well and never fails. It, like other parts of the device, will be damaged and need to be replaced after long periods of use. However, you don’t need to worry about the price of the disc because this part is not too expensive.

Besides, to not have to change it often and quickly. You need to store the device in a dry place away from the sun and especially clean the disc unit regularly (because this is the part that directly touches the wood). In the worst case, when the disk of the device automatically stops cutting and is full of dust, you need to take them out and replace them.

With the discs you’ve replaced, don’t rush to throw them away. You can use them in other jobs. Specifically such as sanding in curved or circular positions by hand.

In conclusion

I have covered a few errors you should avoid when using Random orbital Sander. If you want your sanding machine to always work properly and effectively, you follow my advice above.

Have you found the information I provided necessary for you? I hope you will say yes. Finally, thank you for taking the time to read through this article. Have a nice day!

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